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The Beauty of Environmental Films Unveiled – KLEFFlix April Film Package for Premium Subscription Plan

Content contributed by Aqil Anuar | Designed by Faradipa | Produced by Fara Amina

In accordance with our social mission at KLEFFlix to widen the reach in mobilizing environmental education through films, KLEFFlix proudly presents the films for Premium Subscription Plan.

Inspired by the recent passing of Earth Day and its occurrence during the COVID-19 crisis. KLEFFlix is showcasing films focused on ‘Sustainable Practice’ for the April film package – whereby these films have been screened during the previous Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Fests. You may have come across news of the environment and Earth during the pandemic, but we’re here to draw you back to the foundations of environmental consciousness.

Consisting of films of a high caliber in environmental awareness and education, we believe that the messages delivered by these films are undoubtedly impactful. Transgress the borders of environmental empowerment through your device’s screen. Without further ado, let us introduce the following films:

Immondezza (2017, Italy) by Mimmo Calopresti
Duration: 45 mins
Genre: Short Documentary

Immondezza films a journey across Southern Italy amidst beauty and waste. From Mount Vesuvius to Etna, the filmmaker follows runner Roberto Cavallo as he runs through parks and towns, mountains and beaches, cleaning up what others have left dirty. This film introduces the complex yet relatable connections from a trail run initiative called ‘Keep Clean and Run’, to encounters with those who fight the mafias, those who welcome refugees and those who love their land.

Warriors For The Good (2019, Singapore) by Christabel Teo
Duration: 12 mins
Genre: Short Documentary

In Warriors for The Good, the filmmaker shows us how various individuals in Singapore approach sustainable-living in their own ways through business, family and campaigns. Through this documentary, viewers can expect to gain knowledge about how to kick-start a sustainable lifestyle despite their hectic schedules. It may not seem apparent at the moment, but it is an issue that has to be confronted eventually.

Change Is Now (2017, Malaysia) by Wong Jin Xian
Duration: 7:52 mins
Genre: Public Service Announcement (PSA)

With the daily production of 23,000 tonnes of waste, in Malaysia alone, two individuals put their routined lives to the test, by collecting their trash for 7 days straight. Change Is Now follows Josh and Natalie, in the form of a video blog, as they venture into a challenge where Josh gives maximum efforts to keep his trash count low, whilst Natalie is to live according to her usual routine. The documentary highlights the differences in the two lifestyles and the flaw of remaining oblivious to unnecessary wastage, in this day of age.

The Sun On Top Of The House (2018, Canada) by Farhan Umedaly
Duration: 13:49 mins
Genre: Short Documentary

This film presents a powerful story of how the Haida indigenous community took control of their sacred lands and became leaders in establishing British Columbia’s largest community solar project. Balancing self-sufficiency and traditional values, The Sun On Top Of The House is a truly inspirational tale.

Sustainable Visionaries: The Ecovillage (2019, Costa Rica) by Jorge Sanchez Arias
Duration: 7 mins
Genre: Short Documentary

This film introduces the viewers to a community that can live in complete harmony with the environment, in an attempt to question and explore the reasons behind the increasingly polluted, violent and unhappy Latin America cities. Could it be that the citizens have to reconnect with nature?

Blue Goes Green: Net Zero Police Station (2019, USA) by Laure Quinlivan
Duration: 26:10 mins
Genre: Short Documentary

Discover the beauty of the Cincinnati Police Station and how it achieves its Net-Zero Energy status. From the station’s solar panels to sewer wastewater management, learn how the Cincinnati ‘Blue Goes Green’!

Bazir Raya (2018, Malaysia) by Muzammer Rahman
Duration: 3:11 mins
Genre: Short Film

Come learn from this family as they teach each other about their unhealthy consumption habits and how to live a more sustainable life during the Raya period. This locally-made sketch shows the importance of sustainable consumption and how to practice it in moderation.

Bringing Back Our Klang River (2019, Malaysia) by Jaybee Leonardo & Faradipa Arifin
Duration: 30:51 mins
Genre: Short Documentary

A production by the Yayasan Chow Kit students showcasing the River of Life Public Outreach Programme (ROL-POP). Learn of Klang River’s history, its importance and the tremendous efforts to preserve it.

Streams of Plastics (2017, Hong Kong) by Gary Bencheghib
Duration: 4:27 mins
Genre: Short Documentary

Plastic pollution is detrimental to riverways and its aquatic life. In this production, find out how technology is used as activists utilise a ‘Global Alert’ app as a tool to inspire cleanup efforts and long term solutions.

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We hope that the selected films will provide you, the viewers, with both entertainment and an unveiled appreciation for environmental issues and climate education. EcoKnights and the KLEFFlix team shall strive to curate high quality films and pieces for our beloved subscribers.

Naturally, our main mission and vision consists of inspiring sustainable living in members of our society. We hope that the selection of this month’s theme, ‘Sustainable Practices’ may spark a deep interest for the environment in both our KLEFFlix users and the wider communities EcoKnights interacts with. May our future themes focused on in KLEFFlix also cultivate a dedication to the preservation of our natural environments.

Support us and keep updated by subscribing to our services, and we’ll continue to develop and deliver the best platform for environmental films. By supporting us, you’ll be first to be notified of future EcoKnights events and any updates on KLEFFlix. For further inquiries, do contact us at info@klefflix.my


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