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KLEFFlix Free Films (June) – Protecting Our Forests, One Film At A Time

Content contributed by Eunice Leong| Designed by Hiu Naam | Produced by Nabila Shohimi

In conjunction with World Rainforest Day, KLEFFlix proudly introduces the theme for the third month of our film package: Forest Conservation!

Forests are essential for sustaining human life and provide resources ranging from oxygen production, planetary climate, and mitigating natural hazards such as floods and landslides. However, in the present day, we are seeing rapid deforestation in the name of urbanization and development that has led to damaging repercussions, most recently being the Amazon forest fires.

These films have been carefully curated by our team to both entertain and educate our viewers, and we hope they can inspire more thought and awareness into our viewers about the state of our rainforests both locally and internationally. Without further ado, let us introduce the films for the month of June: 

Save Us (2017, India) by Aniket Bharti
Duration: 5:38 minutes
Genre: Short Film

This short film follows the story of a boy who wakes up in an unknown place, only to discover some horrible truths.

Zelena Patrola S04 E12 Gunaroš – Are children safe in the school yard? (2013, Serbia) by Ruža Helać
Duration: 29:25 minutes
Genre: Short Documentary

Taking place in the municipality of Backa Topola in Guranos, far north of Vojvodina, the forest was once full of white poplar – an indigenous tree for Vojvodina especially for Backa Topola. In 2008, 160 of these trees were cut by a private company in South Serbia. As a result, a kind of weed is growing; and if all the trees are cut, there will be no wind protection belts as there are fields around. Thus, dust, pesticides and herbicides will be blown to nearby villages.

Healing Forests of India (2018, India) by Nitin Das
Duration: 50 minutes
Genre: Full Documentary

‘All Our Knowledge’ comes from nature, yet nature can be a source of many mysteries. India is a country of breath-taking natural beauty, but what is lesser known is their wealth of ancient knowledge about connecting with nature to create a more meaningful life. Travel with us on a journey through lush rainforests, sacred groves, cloud forests, city forests, food forests and deep valleys of the Himalayas to unravel some of these mysteries. The film unfolds through inspiring stories of people whose lives are intricately woven with forests – through their insights, as well as new scientific findings, we explore the remarkable healing powers of nature.

Under the Canopy (2017, USA) by Patrick Meegan
Duration: 11:03 minutes
Genre: Short Film

This short film takes us on a journey into the largest tract of tropical rainforest on our planet — the Amazon. Narrated by indigenous guide, Kamanja Panashekung, and actor Lee Pace, this new virtual reality film by Conservation International and Jaunt VR takes you into the Amazon and urges the protection of the world’s largest rainforest.

In My Nature (2015, South Africa) by Craig Hunter Parker
Duration: 3:48 minutes
Genre: Short Film

A cinematic, environmental short film made for The International Wood Culture Society; told as a love poem from humanity to a tree.

DU Conserve: The Boreal Forest (2019, USA) by Ducks Unlimited
Duration: 9:31 minutes
Genre: Short Documentary

See the people and places that matter to wetlands conservation in DU Conserve Films. Ducks Unlimited’s first Conserve film focuses on Northern Canada’s vast Boreal Forest. This area provides critical breeding habitat for North America’s waterfowl populations.

Malaysia’s Living Forest (2016, Malaysia) by Tropical Rainforest Conservation and Research Centre (TRCRC)
Duration: 3:51 minutes
Genre: Short Documentary

The chairman of the Tropical Rainforest Conservation & Research Centre (TRCRC) reminds us how important our Rainforest is to us Malaysians, as preservation for our future. TRCRC’s reforestation and forest connectivity work will help reverse biodiversity loss from forest fragmentation and recover viable populations of local flora and fauna. Their vision is to conserve and preserve tropical rainforest plant species and to further help enhance efforts in cultivating and maintaining stable ecosystems. They aim to establish multiple Ex-situ Tropical Rainforest Living Collection (TRLC) Centres and plant nurseries throughout Malaysia where they will collect, germinate, propagate, and eventually reintroduce rare and endangered plant species back into its native habitats.

takayna – What If Running Could Save a Rainforest? (2018, USA) by Alex Lowther
Duration: 37:20 minutes
Genre: Short Documentary

Tarkine in North-western Tasmania is home to one of the last tracts of old-growth rainforest in the world, yet it is currently at the mercy of destructive extraction industries, including logging and mining. This documentary, presented by Patagonia Films, unpacks the complexities of modern conservation and challenges us to consider the importance of our last wild places.

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Naturally, our main mission and vision consists of inspiring sustainable living in members of our society. We hope that the selection of this month’s theme, ‘Forest Conservation’, may spark a deep interest for the environment in both our KLEFFlix users and the wider communities EcoKnights interacts with. May our future themes focused on in KLEFFlix also cultivate a dedication to the preservation of our natural environments.

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