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Membership Plans / Subscription

There are 3 types of membership plans/packages – Free Membership, Premium Membership and Corporate Package. For more details, please head over to the Membership Plan page.

  • Free Membership: Until the cancellation of your membership plan.
  • Premium Membership: The membership gets renewed every month once the monthly payment is done.
  • Corporate Package: The membership in this package comes in a monthly package. However the membership period is subject to discussion with the corporate partner, ie: 2 months, 3 months etc.

Both membership plans will have access to our library of curated films that are available to the public, however Premium members will get to enjoy the exclusive films that were screened in the Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Fest. Being a premium KLEFFlix member allows you to choose from a line-up of impeccable filmography that includes award-winning films and movies that will inspire you to take action.

There is no age limitation, however we would highly encouraged parental advisory for subscription by children below 18 years old as some of our films may contain contents that are not advisable for them. The films will be rated and shared on their individual pages for viewers’ information.

Step 1: You can head over to the Membership Plan page and subscribed to your preferred membership plan.

Step 2 (if applicable): If you are subscribing to Premium Membership, you are required to make payment.

Step 3: Once you have subscribed (for both Free and Premium Membership Plans), you will receive a verification email to activate your membership account. *Make sure you key in the correct email address.

Step 4: Activate your membership account via the link shared in the verification email.

The verification email should be sent to your email within 5 minutes after signing up. If you haven’t received the verification email, please do the following:

Step 1: Check your Spam inbox.

Step 2: If the verification email is not in the Spam inbox, please contact us at info@klefflix.my

Step 3: Our officer will be in touch with you within 24 hours to assist you.

Once logged in as your current membership plan, you can head over to the Membership Plan page to change your membership.

Membership Payment

As of now, KLEFFLix uses online banking e-payment via billplz payment gateway. Below is the list of online banking e-payment services available:

  • Affin Bank Berhad
  • Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad
  • Ambank (M) Berhad
  • Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad
  • Bank Kerjasama Rakyat Malaysia Berhad
  • Bank Muamalat (Malaysia) Berhad
  • Bank Simpanan Nasional Berhad
  • CIMB Bank Berhad
  • HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad
  • Hong Leong Bank Berhad
  • Kuwait Finance House
  • Maybank2E
  • Maybank2U
  • OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad
  • Public Bank Berhad
  • RHB Bank Berhad
  • Standard Chartered Bank (Malaysia) Berhad
  • United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) Berhad

Kindly email us at info@klefflix.my. Our officer will be in touch with you within 24 hours to assist you.

As of now, the payment is done on a monthly basis. You only pay for one month per month.

The time for the recurring billing cycle happens monthly starting from the date you sign up for KLEFFLix service.

Step 1: Record down the details you keyed in for your subscription.

Step 2: Screenshot the ‘payment error’ page.

Step 3: Email the information above with the title ‘Inquiry: Membership Payment Failure’ to info@klefflix.my.

Step 4: Our officer will be in touch with you within 24 hours to assist you.

If you have bought but never used your Premium subscription, you can get a full refund with 14 days starting from the day you sign-up for the relevant service.

Please email us at info@klefflix.my.

Film Content

KLEFFlix is a digital screening platform for environmental and community films. The films you will get to watch are from around the world, curated by the KLEFF film selection committee.

  • Long documentary
  • Short documentary
  • Feature Film
  • Short Film
  • Animation

Many of the films contain English subtitles. However, we are working on those that do not have subtitles with the participating filmmakers. In future, we hope to include subtitles in Malay language to accommodate more Malaysians.

Generally, the languages are English, Malay, French, Spanish, Italian, Indian, Chinese and Japanese. Most of them contain English subtitles.

There are 2 options available:

  • First option: Subscribe to Premium Membership and try out for a month or two months. Should you be not be interested to continue, you can always cancel the membership and return to Free Membership.
  • Second option: Occasionally, KLEFFLix will be coming up with a limited Independent Screening Season package that contains films from KLEFF. You can opt to pay for this package, however you will need to stay tuned for the announcement of this package as it is a seasonal package.

For more information, you can visit the Terms & Conditions page or send your inquiry to us at info@kleffix.my.

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