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KLEFFlix Premium Films (May) – Celebrating World Biodiversity Day Through Films

Content contributed by Siti Khadijah | Designed by Hiu Naam | Produced by Nabila Shohimi

Wildlife biodiversity plays a big role in ecological balance that makes conservation of wildlife crucial. By protecting wildlife, we ensure that our natural world and the incredible species within it can be preserved for the future environmental benefits. In conjunction with World Biodiversity Day, KLEFFLix is offering its wildlife-themed May Premium Film package that could be the guideline for you to contribute to wildlife protection, understanding how species interact within their ecosystems, and how environmental and human influences affect them.

The current pandemic we are facing right now can be seen from a positive perspective – while many people are locked in their houses with very minimal outdoor daily activities as well as a temporary pause in many industries, we see reports of the environment, wildlife and ecosystem healing. Pollution has been reducing as nature gradually reclaims itself. As we are entering the third month of new norms and changes in lifestyles, to celebrate the thriving of wildlife, KLEFFlix’s May Premium Film package will be highlighting on the different wildlife aspects from the marine to terrestrial habitats.

Alice In Borneo’s Ocean Wonderland (2019, Malaysia) by Oliver Deppert
Duration: 10:52
Genre: Short Documentary

A sixteen year old girl named Alice explores Borneo’s oceans while learning to scuba dive. Join Alice, as she discovers sharks and witnesses the plastic waste and overfishing risks. Alice joins Shark Stewards’ David McGuire on an exploration in shark diving, fish tracking, beach cleaning and reef planting. This is the first episode in the conservation and science series Shark Steward produced by Scubazoo to inspire young people to save threatened wildlife through adventure.

Yochi (2018, United States) by Ilana Lapid
Duration: 24:45:00.000
Genre: Short Film

Yochi, a 9-year-old selectively mute Mayan boy, guards a nest of endangered Yellow- Headed Parrots in Belize’s pine savannah. When his beloved older brother, Itza, returns from the city, Yochi learns that he’s in debt and has turned to poaching – setting the brothers on a collision course.

Helping Hands Dive (2019, Malaysia) by Sebastian Andrei
Duration: 15:49
Genre: Short Documentary

Helping Hands Dive shows us the marine conservation and ecological issues in the oceans. In this film, people from all sort of background were interviewed and gave their opinions towards marine life. This film also gives an insight on the beauty of ocean that gives the viewers a solid reason  to treasure the ocean for the future generation.

Zan (2017, Japan) by Rick Grehan
Duration: 73:00
Genre: Full Documentary

Zan is a documentary about the last of the Okinawan Dugong and the people who strive to protect them, located in the outstandingly beautiful and bio-diverse Henoko and Oura bay. The Dugong is facing its last stand and its feeding grounds are threatened by the construction of new US base. This film follows imageMILL’s Yu Kisami as he brings us on a journey of discovery, aided by the Nature Conservation Society of Japan. We meet the people who are working tirelessly to protect this beautiful part of the world, a natural heritage for Japan.

Hand Feeding Whale Sharks on Derawan (2018, Malaysia) by Will Foster-Grundy
Duration: 8:37
Genre: Short Documentary

This film shows us the passionate side of the filmmaker, Will in discovering the whale shark – a slow-moving filter-feeding shark. From floating platforms in the middle of the sea, this world’s largest shark is being hand fed by fishermen. Hence giving us an insight on the human interaction with these gentle giants.

Poachers to Protectors (2017, Malaysia) by Stephanie Theresa
Duration: 8:47
Genre: Short Documentary

This short documentary is about how poachers were inspired to become protectors to river turtles instead. A short story about the efforts of Malaysians in reversing the decreasing population of river turtles at the east cost of Malaysia, featuring river turtle conservationist, Dr Pelf Nyok.

Save Me! (2017, Iran) by Mohsen Nabavi
Duration: 10:00
Genre: Short Film

This short film is full of thriller and suspense as a Mother and her little girl in chased by a hunter in forest. But in the end, everything started to reveal itself and there is an open secret. What is it beneath the truth?

The Python Code (2018, Germany) by Andreas Ewels
Duration: 28:45
Genre: Short Documentary

The python is a fascinating animal. But the fashion industry is hunting for these beautiful snakes. Its skin is coveted for luxury goods of all kinds. Hundreds of thousands of snakes are killed annually in Asia and shipped to the fashion industry in Europe, America, Japan and China. A German-South African scientist now has an idea to control especially the illegal snake trade. An extremely exciting documentary, filmed under difficult conditions, which also documents the lives of the catchers and shows the illegal trade routes. A closer look at the snake skin industry – as it has never been shown.

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Naturally, our main mission and vision consists of inspiring sustainable living in members of our society. We hope that the selection of this month’s theme, ‘Wildlife Conservation’ may spark a deep interest for the environment in both our KLEFFlix users and the wider communities EcoKnights interacts with. May our future themes focused on in KLEFFlix also cultivate a dedication to the preservation of our natural environments.

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