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KLEFFlix – The World Untold
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KLEFFlix - The World Untold

Brought to you by KLEFF. Run by EcoKnights.

From the festival screening of the International Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Fest to online screening, KLEFFlix is Malaysia’s one stop online platform for the screening of environmental and community films.

Here in KLEFF, we believe that our homegrown film festival will be able to be a talent hub in creating and communicating untold environmental stories – hence the future inception of a new festival component – Seeds for Stories (S4S). In 2022, S4S will be developed to deliver our mission in overcoming challenges of science communication in sustainability.

Help KLEFF to achieve its goal to grow a creative and scientific community that will unlock untold environmental stories by watching the mind-changing films of KLEFF 2021 thorugh the KLEFF 2021 Festival Pass!

KLEFF 2021 Festival Pass

Full Festival Pass
MYR 50 Until 27th October
  • Digital streaming of up to 95 films throughout KLEFF (24th – 30th October 2021)
  • Lifetime membership with 3 months of Premium access worth RM60
  • 50% discount for any workshop (only one) by KLEFF and EcoKnights until 31st October 2022
  • KLEFF Climate Change (Yourself) acknowledgment certificate
  • Quarterly newsletter on KLEFF updates and new films available on KLEFFlix and any KLEFF-associated channels


Welcome to KLEFFlix, a  digital initiative of the International Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Fest (KLEFF), a movement founded by EcoKnights. KLEFFlix aims to digitalise our environmental awareness and outreach beyond physical festival and screening in order to reach out to everyone to be involved in sustainability and environmental initiatives. Besides being a one-stop centre for eco films, KLEFFlix also serves as a medium for filmmakers to showcase their art and build upon their network of audiences.

We realise that there is an increasing need to educate and create awareness on current environmental affairs. KLEFFlix’s streaming service offers a convenient way to witness what’s happening in many corners of the world and what is being done to mitigate the various climate issues. More people are rising up to make a change and create an impact on the planet, a legacy for the well-being of all of us and the future generation. You can do the same.

Now, everyone around the world can be a part of KLEFF and the environmental movement. Watch, be inspired and pass on the green message.


All-in Pass

Full Access of films + Pre Festival films
MYR 30 Until 31st Oct 2020
  • Full Access
  • Pre Festival Films

Release of Films


Opening Week


Film Title : THE EXTINCTION Duration : 00:17:50 Filmmaker : Kaan Atilla Taşkın Theme : Synopsis : This is the story of the integration of

Read More


Film Title : INFRACTIONS Duration : 01:02:00 Filmmaker : Rachel O’ Reilly Theme : Sustainability Synopsis : INFRACTIONS is a moving artistic feature documentary in

Read More

On The Fault

Film Title : On The Fault Duration : 00:13:56 Filmmaker : Vassili Feodoroff Theme : Synopsis : Wellington is on the Pacific ring of fire.

Read More

Stolen Lights

Film Title : Stolen Lights Duration : 00:50:00 Filmmaker : Peter Bosman Theme : Synopsis : A documentary about the impact of condensation trails. (Not

Read More

Sockeye Salmon, Red Fish

Film Title : Sockeye Salmon, Red Fish Duration : 00:51:00 Filmmaker : Dmitriy Shpilenok , Vladislav Grishin Theme : Wildlife Synopsis : Sockeye, a species

Read More

Morning Session


Duration : 00:15:00
Filmmaker : Aner Etxebarria Moral
Theme : Wildlife, Human-Wildlife Interaction
Synopsis : During his career as a vet,Read More

The Beekeeper

Duration : 00:15:00
Filmmaker : William McGregor
Theme : Woman Empowerment, Nuclear Energy
Synopsis : A beekeeper on the island Read More

Future Ancestor

Duration : 00:10:30
Filmmaker : Josue Rivas
Theme : Woman Empowerment, Indigenous Community
Synopsis : Indigenous scholar and poet Lyla, Read More

Wings & Wetlands – A Story Of Migration

Duration : 00:16:15
Filmmaker : Raghunath Belur, Sugandhi Gadadhar
Theme : Wildlife
Synopsis :"Wings & Wetlands - A Story Of Migration", is produced by Read More

Species per aquam – Biodiversity between the Ticino Valley and the Alps

Duration : 00:12:44
Filmmaker : Marco Tessaro
Theme : Ecology
Synopsis: The upper Ticino Valley is blessed with Read More

Ez, Eskerrik Asko! Gladys Window

Duration : 1:06:00
Filmmaker : Bertha Gaztelumendi
Theme : Youth Empowerment, Nuclear Energy
Synopsis : In 1979, Read More

Afternoon Session

Tsunami Memories: Faith and Science

Duration : 00:08:30
Filmmaker : Isaac Kerlow
Theme : Science, Community Empowerment
Synopsis : Tsunami survivors reflect Read More


Duration : 00:14:56
Filmmaker : Matt Jarvis
Theme : Marine Conservation, Youth Empowerment, Community
Synopsis : The eastern coast of Mozambique Read More

No Mad

Duration : 00:46:48
Filmmaker : Alvynn Diagne
Theme : Marine Conservation, Waste Management
Synopsis : NO MAD highlights how the Read More


Duration : 00:06:31
Filmmaker : Fathima Shanaz
Theme : Human & Development, Pollution
Synopsis : There is a big Forest. Birds Read More

Gold of Cajamarca

Duration : 00:15:48
Filmmaker : Alexandre Regol
Theme : Mining, Agriculture
Synopsis : A short handcrafted 16mm documentary about Read More

The Everglades – A Watery Wilderness

Duration : 00:51:45
Filmmaker : Zoltan Török
Theme : River, Wildlife
Synopsis : Forget that dark Read More


Morning Session



Film Title : THE RESCUE CENTER Duration : 00:10:48 Filmmaker : Nikki Dodd Theme : Wildlife Conservation Synopsis : THE RESCUE CENTER tells the story

Read More


Film Title : AYEO Duration : 00:03:00 Filmmaker : Jacob Updyke Theme : Climate Change Synopsis : In the midst of a desolate wasteland, a

Read More

Wildlife- Our Lifeblood

Film Title : Wildlife- Our Lifeblood Duration : 00:29:04 Filmmaker : Naresh Glow Theme : Wildlife Synopsis : A documentary about wildlife of Arunachal Pradesh.

Read More

Afternoon Session


Film Title : Oxygen Duration : 00:14:45 Filmmaker : Daniel Casado Theme : Water Synopsis : On a far away planet, home to Bobtors, an

Read More


Film Title : Taiwaste Duration : 00:25:00 Filmmaker : Patrik Thomas Theme : Nuclear Energy, Waste Management, Community Synopsis : As one of the many

Read More

Into the Dark

Film Title : Into the Dark Duration : 00:28:03 Filmmaker : Michael O. Snyder Theme : Climate Change, Science Synopsis : Battling subzero temperatures and

Read More

The Flat

Film Title : The Flat Duration : 00:01:00 Filmmaker : Lev Voloshin Theme : Waste Management Synopsis : Every day, each and every one of

Read More


Film Title : GOOD JOB Duration : 00:07:45 Filmmaker : Piotr Biedroń Theme : Pollution, Corruption, Human Greed Synopsis : Mr. Smog, a diabolic creature

Read More

Sh*t Saves The World

Film Title : Sh*t Saves The World Duration : 01:06:00 Filmmaker : Troy Hale Theme : Sustainability, Energy, Technology Synopsis : The #2 problem facing

Read More


Morning Session


Film Title : Puri Duration : 00:14:45 Filmmaker : Daniel Casado Theme : Water Synopsis : The main character, Young-eun, lives with her mother, a

Read More

USLP Shower

Film Title : USLP Shower Duration : 00:01:35 Filmmaker : Bauddhayan Mukherji Theme : Water Conservation Synopsis : Save water is the backbone of this

Read More

Protected by Prawns

Film Title : Protected by Prawns Duration : 00:11:26 Filmmaker : Katie Jewett Theme : River Conservation, Community, Biological Mitigation Synopsis : Restoring native crustaceans

Read More

All eyes on the Amazon

Film Title : All eyes on the Amazon Duration : 00:41:00 Filmmaker : Andrea Marinelli Theme : Community, Pollution Synopsis : In the 1970s the

Read More


Film Title : I AM VITAL Duration : 00:06:04 Filmmaker : Florian Ledoux Theme : Water Synopsis : Bears dance every year in the Romanian

Read More

Pakistan’s Himalayan Meltdown

Film Title : Pakistan’s Himalayan Meltdown Duration : 00:49:47 Filmmaker : Shehzad Hameed Ahmad Theme : Community, Water Synopsis : The word Himalaya means House

Read More

Afternoon Session

Gon, The Little Fox

Film Title : Gon Duration : 00:27:59 Filmmaker : Takeshi Yashiro Theme : Human- wildlife Synopsis : When Gon, a playful orphaned fox, finds that

Read More


Film Title : MUAK Duration : 00:07:00 Filmmaker : Jokin Etcheverria Theme : Wildlife, human-wildlife Synopsis : MUAK is a short docu series about real

Read More

From Kurils With Love

Film Title : From Kurils With Love Duration : 00:20:00 Filmmaker : Andrei Sebastian Theme : Marine Conservation, Science Synopsis : Vladimir, a scrappy but

Read More

Stolen Apes – Buanoi

Film Title : Stolen Apes – Buanoi Duration : 00:10:43 Filmmaker : Colin Sytsma Theme : Wildlife Synopsis : The only gorilla in Thailand has

Read More

Meet Ramon

Film Title : Meet Ramon Duration : 00:03:26 Filmmaker : Pilar Aldirico Theme : Wildlife, Marine Conservation Synopsis : Ramon, a fur seal pup, was

Read More

It’s look sunshine

Film Title : It’s look sunshine Duration : 00:24:16 Filmmaker : Kim Seunghwan Theme : Marine Conservation, Waste Management Synopsis : The main character, Young-eun,

Read More

Echilibru, Bear Foot

Film Title : Echilibru, Bear Foot Duration : 00:26:00 Filmmaker : Victor Julien Theme : Wildlife, human-wildlife Synopsis : Bears dance every year in the

Read More


Morning Session

Disappearing Spots

Film Title : Disappearing Spots Duration : 00:24:32 Filmmaker : Hetal “Teeku” Patel Theme : Wildlife Synopsis : Cheetahs, the world’s fastest land mammals, are

Read More

Because I could

Film Title : Because I could Duration : 00:05:08 Filmmaker : Niki Borger Theme : Sustainability Synopsis : Set twenty years in the future, four

Read More

Sustainable Weddings

Film Title : Sustainable Weddings Duration : 00:01:43 Filmmaker : Grace Tan Theme : Sustainability Synopsis : Weddings are big affairs that begin with various

Read More

Ecology lesson

Film Title : Ecology lesson Duration : 00:19:31 Filmmaker : Yana Shmaylova Theme : Enviroment Education, Sustainability Synopsis : This is the story of a

Read More


Film Title : VAKA Duration : 00:22:39 Filmmaker : Jessica George Theme : Community, Energy, Climate Change Synopsis : VAKA is a short documentary about

Read More

Afternoon Session

Forest is our home

Film Title : Forest is our home Duration : 00:22:11 Filmmaker : Dony Herwanto Theme : Forest, Deforestration, Community Synopsis : Since the age of

Read More

The Last Forest

Film Title : The Last Forest Duration : 00:23:30 Filmmaker : Sapto Agus Irawan Theme : Forest, Community Synopsis : Living in harmony with nature

Read More

The Future of Flight

Film Title : The Future of Flight Duration : 00:51:25 Filmmaker : Larissa Klinker Theme : Energy Conservation, Climate change Synopsis : Flying is bad

Read More

Shape Me

Film Title : Shape Me Duration : 00:04:21 Filmmaker : Alex Spoerndli Theme : Energy Conservation, Climate change Synopsis : Encouraging change in energy consumption

Read More


Film Title : Cascarita Duration : 00:04:15 Filmmaker : Jim Barrera Theme : Energy Conservation, Climate change Synopsis : A wind-up toy finds himself out

Read More


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