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KLEFFlix KIDS for Kids – Celebrating World Biodiversity Day Through Films

Content contributed by Khadijah Junoh| Designed by Hiu Naam | Produced by Nabila Shohimi

We believe that everyone has his/her own role in preserving nature, what more children. It is important to ensure that children are taught about environmental sustainability as they are the leaders of the future. Exclusively for the Raya season, KLEFFLix has included special films for your children to watch during Raya as well as to ease your approach in educating the kids about nature. Understanding and talking about conserving the environment is tricky enough, but when it comes to explaining it to children, it can get even more challenging.

So chill around with your kids this “holiday” and enjoy these children-friendly films classic family movies with an eco-friendly theme that don’t override the entertainment value.

Freshwater Creatures of the Northwest (2019, United States) by We Live a Lot
Duration: 6:05
Genre: Short Documentary
Check out these cool creatures the filmmaker and his daughter found while snorkeling the Coeur D Alene river in beautiful North Idaho. You can find anything from Cutthroat to Rainbow Trout, Crawdads, Bullheads and Water Snakes. Join them who hac so much fun snorkeling the beautiful fresh water of the Coeur D Alene River.

Lion (2019, France) by Mélissa Fournier, Gaïanka Martinet, Coline Mesplou, Pauline Toutain, Thierry Hav, Amélie Goursat
Duration: 6:46
Genre: Animation
A young and golden magic lion is crossing a dry savannah in search of water. He is a strong, fast animal, discovering the spirit of the lion still sleeping deep in himself, in the shadow world. The color and african patterns on his fur shows his magic nature; more sabertooth tiger based at the beginning of the journey, he gains his sun mane later in the story to become the first lion.

The Water, Looking after our Planet (2017, Spain) by Happy Learning English
Duration: 4:05
Genre: Short Documentary (educational video for kids)
An educational video that teaches kids on the problems that we face today with water on Earth such as pollution.

Protect Water Bodies (2019, Bangalore) by Appu Series
Duration: 2:17
Genre: Animation
Protect water bodies is a song that emphasizes the importance of keeping water bodies clean. It’s home to a whole lot of living creatures. It is our responsibility to keep it clean for our fellow earthlings. Many living creatures from the water bodies die due to the pollution in the water bodies. So let’s not pollute it, protect it!

Something’s Fishy at the River (2014, USA) by Jason Kuykendall
Duration: 18:16
Genre: Animation
An entertaining puppetry video helps children understand threats to rivers, creeks and the ocean. Children learn how to practice conservation and prevent pollution in their community through a series of surprising encounters with various river animals. Sing along with the animals while learning how to keep their homes healthy.

The Magical River Story (2019, US, France) by Romain Villemaine and Laurence Trouve
Duration: 17:25
Genre: Animation
The Magical River in the jungle suddenly ran dry, leaving all the animals thirsty. Watch the mighty elephant rescue the animals by giving them water.

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Naturally, our main mission and vision consists of inspiring sustainable living in members of our society. We hope that the selection of this month’s theme, ‘Wildlife Conservation’ may spark a deep interest for the environment in both our KLEFFlix users and the wider communities EcoKnights interacts with. May our future themes focused on in KLEFFlix also cultivate a dedication to the preservation of our natural environments.

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