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Unfold the World Untold: Introducing KLEFFlix’s April Film Package for Free Subscription Plan

Content contributed by Aqil Anuar and Jessica Goh | Designed by Faradipa | Produced by Fara Amina

As we celebrate Earth Day on the 22nd April 2020, KLEFFlix’s April film package for our Free subscribers is curated under theme ‘Sustainable Practices’ as this would be a suitable theme to spark a growing interest in our viewers.

Carefully reviewed and selected by the KLEFFlix film unit, these films range in delivery and styles of environmental education, with some of them winning accolades at KLEFF and other festivals. These films can be of great educational material and entertainment for subscribers to watch during the Covid-19 Movement Control Order or quarantine phase.

Upon signing up to KLEFFlix, you’ll have access immediately to our Free Subscription films. For this month (until 21st May), we are presenting five impressive filmography:

Ordinary Life (2015, Japan) by Tomoya Nakamura & Shoko Watanabe
Duration: 5:45 mins
Genre: Short Film

Following the life of a Japanese family, this short film presents an ‘ordinary, yet unorthodox’ way of living. Seemingly normal at first glance, this production shines a spotlight on the day-to-day actions in our society, and an outlook of the potential outcomes of certain habits.

Woman Builds Breathtaking Sustainable Dome Homes (2017, USA) by FLORB (Dylan Magaster, Jackson Peters, Sitara Shakti, and Adrian Pop)
Duration: 10:32 mins
Genre: Short Documentary

This documentary covers the life of Lisa Starr. Inspired to create a sustainable way of living for herself, she moved to Joshua Tree, California and built a dome home made of earth bag material that she now lives in called ‘Bonita Domes’.

Sustainable Living for LAZY PEOPLE (2020, USA) by Annie Sexton of The Eco Swap
Duration: 6:02 mins
Genre: Short Documentary

Sustainable living doesn’t have to be a lot of work. Reducing your waste, reducing your carbon footprint, reducing your energy usage can seem like difficult, boring tasks, but there are some easy tips for living low waste that are simple to adopt.

The Sustainable Farmer (2012, USA) by Curren Sheldon
Duration: 3:31 mins
Genre: Short Documentary

After years of being a mechanical engineer, Sandot quit his job and moved back to his family farm in Northern Thailand. Now, he works to reforest the area and create a sustainable lifestyle and culture for both his neighbors and his family by growing his own food, building bamboo houses, and living the simple life.

What The Coronavirus Teaches Us About Climate Change (2020, USA)
Duration: 9:29 mins
Genre: Short Documentary
Source: Our Changing Climate

In this Our Changing Climate environmental video essay, the filmmaker looks at how humans responded globally to the Coronavirus in order to understand how we should and could respond to climate change. Specifically, the film focuses on how countries like China, South Korea, Singapore, Italy, and the United States have quickly mounted large governmental responses to the coronavirus. Covid-19 is a serious global and political crisis, but the coronavirus shows us that rapid behavioral and structural change is possible in the face of a crisis, and climate change is a crisis. The response to Coronavirus (Covid-19) has been quick and broad, the response to climate has been slow and small. If we treated climate change like we have Covid-19, we would be well on our way to a zero-carbon future.

Show KLEFFlix Some Love Through Subscription

We hope that the selected films will provide you, the viewers, with both entertainment and an unveiled appreciation for environmental issues and climate education. EcoKnights and the KLEFFlix team shall strive to curate high quality films and pieces for our beloved subscribers.

Naturally, our main mission and vision consists of inspiring sustainable living in members of our society. We hope that the selection of this month’s theme, ‘Sustainable Practices’ may spark a deep interest for the environment in both our KLEFFlix users and the wider communities EcoKnights interacts with. May our future themes focused on in KLEFFlix also cultivate a dedication to the preservation of our natural environments.

Support us and keep updated by subscribing to our services, and we’ll continue to develop and deliver the best platform for environmental films. By supporting us, you’ll be first to be notified of future EcoKnights events and any updates on KLEFFlix. For further inquiries, do contact us at info@klefflix.my.

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