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The World Untold: KLEFFlix to Bring Eco Stories Across The Globe to Your Screen – KLEFFlix
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The World Untold: KLEFFlix to Bring Eco Stories Across The Globe to Your Screen

Kuala Lumpur, 22nd April – As our Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Fest (KLEFF) enters its 13th year, we at EcoKnights took our biggest step yet in propelling the film festival into the future by launching Malaysia’s first eco-themed online streaming platform for past and future KLEFF films.

KLEFFlix – a one-stop digital platform featuring a growing database of gripping and eye-opening environmental films from across the globe – is our direct response to changing consumer demands and business patterns in sustainability.

The rapid digitalization of services is affecting all industries from commerce to entertainment, while the global pandemic today has only reinforced the importance of the virtual space.

At the same time, the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has rendered the world as we know it different but fundamentally the same. From habitat loss to depleting natural resources, the threat of climate change is the same today as it was in the past.

Since 2008, KLEFF’s guiding principle has been to ensure equal access to environmental education to all.

As Malaysia’s first and longest-serving platform promoting sustainable living and environmental knowledge, it was inevitable that our eco-themed film festival would go digital.

KLEFFlix will bring climate action and environmental stories from across the globe to your screen so you can bear witness to the issues plaguing our planet.

Our online streaming service will also serve as a platform for filmmakers – past, present and future – to showcase their work and have their message reach a wider and growing audience.

Here are the main ways that you can watch, be inspired and pass on the green message:

➢     FREE Membership:

Irrespective of economic status or background, every one of us deserves the same access to fundamental human rights, including education. With our FREE Membership plan, you will have access to monthly curated films and newsletters at a zero-monthly commitment. Take it as a journey through sustainability as each month will be organized by themes such as climate change, forest conservation and waste management. This membership is a great starting point to the wider world of climate action.

➢    Premium Membership:

For only RM19.90 a month, you will gain access to exclusive KLEFF films which you cannot get with a free membership. This on top of the monthly curated films and newsletters you will be receiving. Whether at home, commuting to work or having a movie night with your friends, being a premium KLEFFlix member allows you to choose from a line-up of impeccable filmography that includes award-winning films and movies that will inspire you to take action. This membership plan is perfect for the film enthusiasts while serving as an invaluable resource by documenting the major environmental issues affecting our planet over recent years.  

➢     Corporate Package:

From community outreach to tree planting initiatives, corporations have long played a part in championing sustainability. Through our corporate package, your organization can continue to deliver social responsibility objectives even when working remotely. At only RM19.90 a month and for a minimum 50 pax subscription, your organization will enjoy the same features available to premium members but have access to an additional corporate subscription report. This report provides your business insightful data that includes which films were watched and how many hours were spent on KLEFFlix. We know that transparency is integral to any organization – our corporate subscription report makes for an easy transition from engagement to reporting. 

Subscribing to KLEFFlix is simple, just refer to the poster shown and you are good to go!

With the launch of KLEFFlix, everyone around the world can now be part of the environmental movement. We look forward to welcoming you aboard this journey.

For more details about the streaming service KLEFFlix and the membership plans, visit our official website at https://klefflix.kleff.my/

For further inquiries about KLEFFlix, you may contact our festival manager, Nabila at nabila@ecoknights.org.my and for KLEFF partnership and collaboration, you may reach our KLEFF Festival Director at fadly@ecoknights.org.my

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